Urinary Incontinence

Urinal incontinence in women is a very common symptom. It is based on complex pathomechanical factors that typically appear as poorly indicated symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, such as coughing, sneezing, laughter, effort, running, etc. Symptoms occur incidentally at first , gradually intensifying. Over time, they become such a ailment that they do not let you function normally.

Symptoms of incontinence in women are extremely uncomfortable and significantly reduce the quality of life, often making it impossible not only to function properly in work but also adversely affect social relationships and all activities of everyday life.

Incontinence occurs at different ages, but at every moment of life causes the same great discomfort. This problem, due to its specificity, is a shameful problem for many women. Fortunately, more and more women come to the conclusion that the later they start working towards improving their quality of life, the longer they will suffer from deep discomfort.

At every stage of urinary incontinence, both initial and intensive, it is possible to get medical help and to eliminate that discomforting problem for women.

We encourage you to fight the problem, we encourage you to consult your gynecologist, because with current medical knowledge there is a possibility of permanent cure of unpleasant symptoms and return to life in full comfort.