School of childbirth

Classes at the School of Childbirth provide future parents with the necessary knowledge about childbirth and childcare. The courses are designed to prepare participants mentally and physically for the role of the parent. All classes are conducted in the form of theoretical and practical.

Courses in the School of Childbirth in Medin are conducted by a certified midwife Krystyna Kubacka – longtime collaborator and continuator of the work of the late Professor Włodzimierz Fijalkowski, pioneer and creator of the first Childbirth School in Poland. All classes are conducted according to the author’s own program.

Courses at the Medin Childbirth School include:

  • learning how to breathe during giving a childbirth,
  • somatic preparation for childbirth,
  • learning how to prepare the newborn’s bath with proper care of the navel,
  • The nursing care of the newborn, taking into account the selection of appropriate cosmetics,
  • natural feeding,
  • Choosing the right diet for a breastfeeding mother,
  • meeting with gynecologist – obstetrician


midwife Krystyna Kubacka