Aesthetic Medicine

The medical department of medical aesthetics, which aims to improve the quality of life of healthy people through preventive actions, mainly to prevent skin aging, improve appearance, remove discoloration, etc. The effects of treatment are focused on improving the physical attractiveness of patients. Treatments are characterized by non-invasive or a small degree invasive and must be performed by a physician who has the right to practice.

Treatments within the aesthetic medicine can be used in reference to:

  • rejuvenation and firming of the skin (mainly the face, but also the hands or feet);
  • removal or reduction of wrinkles and furrows;
  • reduction of shadows under the eyes;
  • shape and oval facial changes;
  • to reduce age or solar discoloration;
  • scar reduction;
  • elimination of cellulite and excess fat;
  • modeling, enlargement, moistening of the lips;
  • to suppress hyperhidrosis;
  • change of smile and bite;
  • treatment of bruxism (so called teeth gnashing);
  • permanent hair removal (selected areas)

In our offer you will find:

Reliable methods of individually selected medical procedures:

  • Non-invasive lifting using HIFU technology – SonoQueen
  • Rejuvenating, firming and revitalizing facial and neck skin
  • Smoothening of shallow and deep wrinkles
  • Enlarging, model and moisturizing your lips
  • Firming the flabby skin of the body

 – arms
 – belly
 – buttocks
 – neckline
 – double chin correction

  • Slimming down the body
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis
  • Treatment of Bruxism (gnashing of teeth)
  • Aesthetic gynecology
  • Aesthetic medicine treatments dedicated to men

Medical Staff:

Maja Tylińska, MD, PhD

Marta Falcman-Sobczak, MD

Anna Środa Bociąga, MD

Katarzyna Topczewska-Tylińska, MD

Wiesław Tyliński, MD, PhD

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